Walter-ServicingWalter Servicing Corp

Located in Austin, TX, Walter Servicing Corporation (WSC) is an experienced Loan Servicing company for Private Lenders who lend on Texas Real Estate. WSC offers a complete 3rd party relationship for lenders and borrowers by providing personalized support, accurate payment collection, clear reporting, loan documentation and foreclosure services (whenever needed).  WSC provides a vast range of services designed to maximize the lender’s interest revenue and provide personalized support to borrowers.

Our Company and History

The company originally started in 2007 in order to help an in-house debt portfolio that was rapidly growing its hard money (asset-based) lending platform. When the national credit crisis sent shockwaves of fear, bankruptcies and bank failures throughout the nation this quickly affected it’s lending portfolio and a majority of these previously performing loans turned into REO’s (foreclosed properties) and non-performing notes. WSC handled these record level REO’s for their private lenders and many of them have sold (paid off to the lenders) with just a handful under management with WSC today.  Even under certain situations WSC managed these defaulted loans with little to no revenue to the company in order to help with the best possible outcome for all parties involved. WSC has proven itself (through the testing’s of adversity) to be a company that perseveres through difficult times and works closely with all parties to help ensure the best possible outcome no matter how difficult the circumstance.

Today WSC has successfully diversified itself and is currently servicing several debt portfolio’s and has continued to expand its operations and offer it’s time tested knowledge & expertise to institutional debt lenders and private individuals who lend on Texas Real Estate.  Most importantly WSC always offers it’s famous “hands-on” customer service approach to all of their clientele making the loan servicing experience a smooth and positive one for both the lenders and borrowers alike.

Market Area

Headquartered in Austin, TX;  WSC currently services loans throughout all of Texas.  We will consider loan servicing opportunities in any geographical area of the country on a case by case basis.