D. Willow

Verona, WI

“Thanks to you and your staff for the great work in protecting our interests while also trying to make everything work out for all parties involved.”

C. Leece

Glen Allen, VA

“Great!  Thanks Melanie for keeping us informed.  Really appreciate the great communication and all the work you guys do for us!”


Austin, TX

“I am very impressed with WSC, how you conduct business and how consistent your service is.  A lost art more and more these days.  Just wanted to share my appreciation.”

Mr. & Mrs. Waser

Lakeview, OR

“I cannot make any suggestions for improvement, as you have always exceeded my expectations. It is a pleasure doing business with the Walter Servicing Team”


San Diego, CA

“Thank you very much for such excellent service.  As old time multiple business owner and investor, I really appreciated the professional experience your company made available to investors.  You should provide consulting service so more businesses were able to perform similarly.”